What is Aromatherapy?

Therapy treatment room at Lavevender Fields Theraqpy Clinic

It is a complementary massage which can be both relaxing and invigorating depending on the needs of the individual. It harnesses the healing properties of fragrant essential oils from a wide variety of trees, flowers, plants, fruits, spices and herbs. When these are combined with ancient massage techniques this triggers the body's natural healing abilities. It also encourages the release of toxins and tension from the muscles themselves.

The benefits of regular treatment are bountiful - immunity is boosted through the stimulation of the lymphatic and circulatory systems, thus reducing the likelihood of falling ill or succumbing to the effects of stress. The aromas from the oils act on the emotional areas of the brain, thus affecting our mood and mental state.

How can Aromatherapy help you?

It is ideal for the treatment of;

  • anxiety, 
  • depression
  • stress
  • insomnia
  • mood swings

and countless other emotional and pschological conditions.

The complete treatment promotes a balanced state of mind and greater vitality. It can also offer benefits to almost all ailments for both men and women. It can help relieve muscular aches and pains (especially in the back, neck and shoulders) and is particularly beneficial for joint problems, including Rheumatoid and Osteo-Arthritis. The oils combined with the massage have a wonderful effect on problematic skin such as eczema, acne, stretch marks and cellulitis, as well as dry, ageing and cracked skin.

The respiratory system can also be relieved from ailments such as colds, flu, coughs, asthma and bronchitis. The effects of massage on the circulatory system are obviously powerful, with particular benefits for varicose veins, blood pressure problems and water retention and also cols hands and feet. Headaches and migraines can also  be treated successfully. For women, massage can help alleviate most gynaecological problems (P.M.T) - menstrual problems  and infertility and is ideal for many conditions which can crop up during pregnancy and the menopause.

What happens during treatment?

When you book an appointment, you can expect a full Aromatherapy session to last for at least 90 minutes. If it is your first visit, a free consultation is included where you can expect to be asked questions about your health, lifestyle and any current medication or ailments which your practitioner will need to know about.

How will I feel after the treatment?

The massage itself takes place on a professional table, and the treatment should last for an hour. Afterwards, you will be covered in a warm towel and given plenty of time to relax. The therapist may end the treatment with advice on diet or exercise which may benefit and ease any specific ailments which you may have mentioned at the initial consultation.

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