Corporate Work

What is Corporate work?

Corporate Work...... For stress relief and tension, which is very common in the modern workplace. Seated Acupressure Massage provides an ideal solution to relax, re-energise, and re-focus. Just 20 minutes back, head and neck massage can be all it takes to release the mental and physical strain of the average work-day, and set you up to increase productivity.

Massage in the workplace ....set up and run

Assign a contact person to help the massage therapist to set up a schedule, publicise the programme and sign employees up. designate a space, conference/break room or even a quiet corner. After a day's massage session the workplace can return to normal.

Stress can cost your business money!

Today stress is a fact of life and the workplace is no exception. The effects of stress are cumulative and without time-out for relaxation, it can lead to a variety of ailments such as:

  • Headaches, back and neck pain
  • Repetitive strain injuries e.g. Carpal tunnel syndrome or tendonitis
  • Poor concentration, anxiety, depression
  • Lowered resistance to colds and infections
  • High blood pressure
  • Physical and emotional exhaustioin

What are the benefits of seated acupressure massage for the employer?

  • Helps to relieve stress in the employees
  • Helps to reduce absenteeism by alleviating muscular/skeletal discomfort
  • Helps to increase productivity
  • Helps to reduce staff turnover
  • Helps to make employee feel valued
  • Helps to increase staff morale
  • Helps to reduce the risk of employee stress-related illness claims

For an explanation of Seated Acupressure Massage go to On Site Massage. Should you require more information please use contact form here.

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Are you stressed, lethargic or lacking concentration?

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