Swedish Massage Techniques

What are these techniques?

Swedish massage techniques can be either relaxing or invigorating, depending on your needs. As you're therapist, I know exactly which strokes to use to give you an invigorating massage if that is what you need. Although, you will feel relaxed, you will also feel very alive and your energy levels will be much higher.

Swedish massage technique has absolutely nothing to do with Sweden. Swedish people call this form of massage "classic massage" and they do not use the term “Swedish massage”.

As all therapist do, I will use a series of strokes including the following:

  • Effleurage - Stroking and gliding movements. An entire massage can be done using just this one stroke. The effect this has on the body makes it the best stroke on my tool box.
  • Petrissage - Is a kneading movement where I am attempting to lift tissues away from other structures. This stroke works more effectively on muscles which are already relaxed through the previous stroke mentioned above.
  • Friction – Massage is a compressive stroke. So far I have mainly dealing with superficial structures. Now friction is going to be introduced to muscle . I shall be using increased pressure than previously used. The previous two strokes must be performed to warm up the tissues.
  • Tapotement - This iis a percussive massage stroke, remenisant to hacking, beating, pounding, striking etc. For a relaxing massage this stroke has possibly limited effect.
  • Vibration - massage is a stroke that encompasses vibration, jostling and shaking. This can be smoothing or stimulating depending how much pressure and speed I use. Some clients like it.

Who can benefit from Swedish massage?

Choose classic massage if you really need to relax quickly. It has the ability to take you into a level of relaxation quickly. You will need to let your therapist know if the pressure they are using is too light or too harsh; otherwise the experience will not be quite as relaxing as you want it to be. 

Also it can bring an immense amount of pleasure to older people, who very often have no one in their lives and rarely feel another person’s touch, Babies and children can also benefit from Swedish massage and it has been known to help improve sleep patterns and prevent bed wetting issues.

What your therapist needs to know?

When you visit an experienced therapist for any treatment you will be required to complete a health questionnaire. This is one of the most important aspects of the session, as you should divulge any health conditions or major issues or trauma you have. Any current or old injuries should be discussed with your therapist to ensure they receive the right attention. Children under 16 should be accompanied by a responsible adult and will need a parent’s consent.

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