The Emmett Technique

What is The Emmett Technique?

The Emmett Technique is a safe and simple muscle release technique developed by Ross Emmett. The Technique is the application of light pressure and gentle switches that enables the release of specific muscle groups. This in turn allows the body to reach a state of balance. It is safe and simple, gentle muscle release therapy. This helps to ease pain and discomfort, improves body movement, balance the body and may help to restore a positive emotional state.

What to expect on your first visit?

We will have a short chat to discuss the reason for your visit. I will then carry out an assessment of posture and the range of movement before beginning any treatment.

Treatment will be carried out on a couch, standing or sitting in a chair. The treatment can be performed over loose light clothes, but it may be benefical for some moves to be made directly on the skin. At times during and after treatment you will be asked to perform a range of movements in order to lock in the work taken on by your body.

The Technique involves the application of light pressure point holds, flicks and slides at particular points and in sequinces that enables gentle physical release of muscle groups. The client is always assessed before, during and after treatment. Changes due to the treatment are often instantaneous, with the client feeling a positive improvement in their presenting condition.

The Technique may be used as an effective therapy on its own, or can be used in conjunction with other modalities, such as Bowen, Myofascial Release and massage.

How can Emmett help me?

The Emmett Technique is an excellent way to improve the performance for atheletes by reducing stress and releasing muscle tension, giving the improved body symmetry, alignment, balance and stability.

Golfers and weight lifters can improve their grip strength, hip flexor. If you have tried conventional treatments, physical therapy and other types of therapies with no success, then it is worth giving The Emmett Technique a try and see the results. It can give substantial long lasting relief from issues within the first treatment.

Some of the benefits you can experience with this amazing technique include;

  • impoved body posture
  • improved balance
  • pain relief
  • release neck and shoulder discomfort
  • assists back and hip discomfort
  • improve knee and ankle restrictions
  • aids forearm and grip strength
  • improves body symmetry and balance

Who can Benefit?

Anyone can benefit from The Emmett Technique. It can be used for a range of symptoms and provides the client with quick results, less treatment time, mobility to improve their golf swing and lifting ability.

Muscle release around the neck and shoulders gives relief for stiff or wry neck and can also greatly reduce headache pain. Sinus sufferers will appreciate a sinus drain, positive effects are usually noticeable. The sinus drain is especially helpful for babies or others with congestion from respiratory symptoms.

Incontinence, that embarrissing, inconvenient affliction that can affect all ages in both men and women can be managed beautifully with this Technique.

Lymphatic drainage is a therapeutic massage treatment. The Technique increases the flow of lymph and reduces toxins in your body. Women who have had mastectomies benefit greatly from this.

Systems which have been relieved;

  • Neck and shoulder restriction and referred discomfort
  • Lymphatic congestion
  • Migraines or cluster headaches
  • Abdominal cramps or discomfort
  • Persistent heal and foot pain
  • Headaches dizziness and sinus congestion
  • Back and hip discomfort
  • Knee and ankle restrictions

Those who are looking for relief from a range of muscular aches and pain should consider the advantages of this unique technique.

What if you use other therapies?

The Emmett Technique works in conjunction with ALL therapies or can be used on its own. The Technique often allows other therapies to work more efficiently. Client comfort and accurate assessment are important elements of this therapy.

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